Company profile

Kaidi Technology Development Company Ltd was founded in 1996 in the city of Shaoguan which is well known for nonferrous metals productions. Kaidi specializes in Germanium, Indium, Gallium, various other rare metals, nano and alloy productions. Our production lines include 4N5 indium ingots, ITO powder, indium oxide, low melting point alloys, of which indium ingot and ITO powder production reaches 120 MT annually.

Kaidi was certified as the "High Technology Company of Indium and Nano Products" in 2003 by the government of Shaoguan. We value the contribution by our expert staff; and own high tech equipments which aid in our passion for quality products.

Kaidi continues to move forward in the field of rare metals productions with the aim to produce quality products that meet customers' ever increasing demand both for quality and value.